While the high expectations surrounding the New Year can be a little overwhelming, this is often the best time to establish new and healthy habits.

However, it must also be mentioned that while New Year’s resolutions are fun and relatively easy to make, they are challenging to maintain. In fact, studies show that only a tiny percentage of people manage to uphold their resolutions, especially when it comes to establishing healthy habits as part of an existing routine.

That being said, modern technology has had a profound impact on the way people set goals and maintain their objective. In this regard, there are now hundreds of health and fitness apps which are specifically designed to aid the struggle involved in the process of New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Lose It! (Free- In-app purchases)

Losing weight is a common aim, especially having spent the holidays binging on turkey and desserts.  At the same time, the tricky part of this process is often when it comes to sticking to a diet or exercise regime. With the help of Lose It, you can track your calorie intake with ease and even connect with other users, which is a great way to hold oneself accountable. Furthermore, the app allows you to set a customized weight loss goal that can also serve as motivation along the way.

Again, Lose It makes tracking a very seamless process, and this particular app can also be integrated with several other fitness apps on the market.


  1. Meditation Studio (Free- In-app purchases)

Meditation is a well-known process which provides numerous health benefits. Aside from reducing anxiety and stress, regular meditation can improve sleep patterns and hence, greatly enhance the quality of life.

Featuring a wide range of guided meditation processes, Meditation Studio has a different program for almost every aspect of everyday life.  Whether you seek to manage stress, improve sleep, or even boost confidence, this fantastic app is a “Jack of all trades.”

Naturally, if your goal for the upcoming year involves meditation, the Meditation Studio app can help you achieve your objective.

  1. Pocket Yoga ($)

Pocket Yoga is the single best app for yoga enthusiasts who are unable to find time for a yoga class. With this app, you can practice yoga at any time, anywhere and all of this without the ongoing cost of taking any classes. As you might expect, this creative app provides detailed video instructions of various yoga routines, while the user-friendly interfaces have ensured this is one of the fastest growing yoga apps available.

  1. Streaks Workout ($)

Going to the gym is a common New Year’s resolution which so many people fail to maintain. That is to say; while some can certainly keep up for the first few weeks when busy days encroach, the gym can suddenly become a thing of the past.

Streaks Workout is a fitness app which acts as encouragement for users to continue with their gym routine. Using some straightforward controls, this simple app will not only keep track of your gym schedule, but Streaks Workout will also illustrate your longest and most effective workout streaks. What more motivation could you want from a fitness app than a reminder of your gym routines and the great progress you have made right up until those inevitable busy days.

  1. Headspace (free- in-app purchases)

Headspace is another meditation app, although this one is especially suitable for beginners. In fact, you can trial this health app at no cost as it provides up to ten minutes of free meditation programs for the first ten days. Having started off with a free meditation program, there is then the option of a paid program which gives users access to a much deeper range of meditation exercises. These programs last for a couple of minutes up to an hour, and you can also tailor the app to focus on what matters the most to you.

Finally, Headspace also provides straightforward guidance on the proper breathing and visualization techniques to achieve the best possible experience while meditating.

  1. HealthTap (free)

Aside from helping users to set up a personalized diet plan, this all-encompassing health app enables users to locate a real doctor who can also serve as their personal health coach.

Incredibly, having created the perfect health strategy, this app allows users to check in with a doctor on a video and chat platform. Furthermore, the app features more than three hundred unique health programs which are specifically designed to help users achieve a wide range of fitness goals in the upcoming year.

  1. Moves (free)

“Moves” uses GPS functionalities on your smartphone to gather information regarding the distance traveled between locations. As you might expect from a fitness app, it also provides information on the number of calories burned, along with a very accurate tracking system. While this particular app is popular with hikers, walkers, and runners; it works just as well when it comes to cycling.

As for the highlight of the application, Moves remains turned on at all times meaning there is no need to remember to switch it on before being active.

  1. RiseToday (free)

RiseToday is a free app which allows users to find classes and other fitness services within their local area. For this reason, users can initiate a fitness routine without the burden of having to look for classes to which they can join. Featuring a smart tracking tool and hundreds of fitness routines, this is an incredibly useful tool which, as mentioned, is entirely free.

Among the classes on RiseToday, you can find Crossfit Training, Personal Training, Hot Yoga, Tennis, and more.

  1. Flywheel Sports (free- In-app purchases)

Spinning is one of the most effective workout exercises. However, it is sometimes difficult to quantify just how many kicks are performed in every round.

Flywheel Sports can record your RMP, torque, distance, speed and the number of calories burned. While the app can be used alone, with knowledge of the above details, users are often compelled to compete with other cyclists. In this sense, this is an excellent app for those who want to ramp up their cycling game and you even can sign up for a special Flywheel challenge which takes place every week.

Did we mention the weekly weigh-in? Yes, you can quickly connect with a Flywheel instructor every week which can help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

As you can see, there are some truly incredible health and fitness apps to help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions. It will not be easy but having some of these smart and effective tools can ensure that you start out, exactly as you mean to go on.


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