Yes, you read the title correctly, Eat Fats to Lose Fat. “Well, how can that be?” You’re probably asking. Everyone knows that fat is made of…fat. So, if you eat fats, you are what you eat right? Like many things in the world of science, knowledge of macronutrients and how they affect us is always being improved by new discoveries. Sometimes, those discoveries are lies. Our mothers told us when we were kids to avoid saturated fats, because they will clog our arteries, lead to heart attacks, and most importantly make us fat! And, at the time, that is what conventional science said. However, it would later come out that most of the studies that were published were actually falsified. Meaning, the results were different than what was printed. There was a reason for this misinformation: A certain billion-dollar industry wanted the spotlight off of itself, and wanted to shine in it on another food that could be used as a scapegoat. The scapegoat was saturated fat, and the crooked, billion-dollar industry was…wait for it…the sugar industry. Yes, in the 1960’s, Harvard researchers were paid by the sugar industry to make saturated fats look like the devil.

Now, this is a proven fact and isn’t just some half-baked conspiracy theory made up by people who love coconut oil and avocados. Many reputable news sources have done articles and stories on the subject, such as the New York Times[3] NPR, and CBS News. A quick Google search, and you can see for yourself all the documented crooked dealings of the sugar slingers.

With that out of the way, let us discuss what fat actually does for you, and how you should implement it into your EVERYDAY diet. A short list of benefits you can get from saturated fat include:

Body Fat Loss

Eating more fats and eating less carbs tells your body, “HEY!!! This is your fuel!” Burn this instead of carbohydrates! Fat tends to get stored in your body when other fuel sources such as refined sugars, breads, and other carbohydrates are constantly being consumed. By eating fats, especially in the morning, you are telling your body that fat is your primary energy source and it needs to use that. Fats also keep you feeling fuller longer, which helps fight those ever so tough late-night snack cravings[2]

Stronger Bones

Calcium is better absorbed by bones with the help of saturated fats. More calcium absorbed by bones, the stronger they are.[2] This is especially important for women, as many are prone to the bone disease, osteoporosis.

Improved Brain/Nerve Function

The neuro cells that makes up nerves are lined with fat. Saturated fat is the medium in which nerve signals are conducted across. If a person is diminished in fat, signals won’t fire as quickly. Ever had a day where it felt like you had a mental fog, like your brain just wasn’t working as fast? Saturated fats can be the fix[2]

Tougher Immune System

Myristic and Lauric acids, both are found in butter (from grass fed cows such as Kerrygold) and coconut oil. These fatty acids are used by white blood cells to identify evil invaders like bacteria, viruses, and also fungi[2] Acting like a bacteria-killer to treat or prevent digestive disorders, viruses, infections, or diseases.

Better Vitamin Absorption

Vitamins A, D, E, and K are all found in vegetables such as carrots and dark leafy greens. These vitamins help with vision, bone health, energy, and wound repair. These vitamins are also fat soluble,[2]which means eating fats will help your body absorb them better. So, stop eating your salads without dressing!!!

Healthier Babies

Consuming saturated fats such as the omega-3 variety while pregnant, is super important for developing the baby’s vision and brain function. Saturated fats continue to be important after delivery and during breastfeeding. Low levels of omega-3 fat have been linked to increased postpartum depression. Giving kids extra omega-3’s, such as those found in fish oil, has been proven to increase intelligence[1]

Ok, saturated fats are good, now what foods have them? Remember, saturated fat is not the same as trans-fat, which is a form of unsaturated fats that occur very rarely in nature. That means that just about everything that is trans-fat is chemically made in a lab, and your body has no idea what to do with it! You’ll find trans-fats in vegetable oils, snack foods, and packaged baked goods. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.




Now, here’s a list of some foods that have good saturated fats. You don’t need to eat ALL of these foods every day, but do try to eat some from the list regularly:

  • Avocados
  • Butter from grass-fed cows
  • Coconut Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Most types of fish (excellent source of protein as well)
  • Steak from grass-fed cows, the fattier the cut the better
  • Cheese from grass-fed cows (starting to see a trend here?)


There you have it, the benefits of saturated fat and where to get it. Just to review:

  • Saturated fats were originally thought to be harmful because the sugar industry paid Harvard researchers to say they were.
  • Fats help you lose fat!
  • Fat also helps you build stronger bones, aid in vitamin absorption, improve mental clarity, and strengthen the immune system.
  • There are many food sources that have healthy saturated fat. Google search to find more, but the name of the game is Grass-Fed.
  • Healthy Babies!


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